TEDS Promise to the athletes and parents 

At the heart of TEDS and Skills School are the children, our athletes. We believe we need to have a strong relationship within the squad with parents and coaches in order for the athletes to get the most out of the sessions and the sport that they love.  In order to make sure this is the case, we as coaches, will endeavour to be as open and honest as we can with all parents.   

As a Junior coach for many years it is fundamental to every child’s success to have a strong family unit around them. Not only to act as chief cheer leaders but also to help them achieve their goals as a taxi service, bank and chief chef! It is also equally important for a coach to understand what the motivation of both athlete and family are and hopefully all meet in the middle – which is where the magic happens.  

Within TEDS we will aim to provide information to both parent and athlete on how to make sure they can reach their potential – looking at nutrition, conditioning and mindfulness – allowing each athlete the opportunity to build not only their triathlon ability, but also by bringing together like minded athletes we hope to see development of friendships that last a lifetime.   

Over the year we will look at and share information on: 

  • Youth nutrition in sport 
  • How to avoid burn out and signs to look for 
  • Looking at managing your athletes time with pressures of school and sports. 
  • Mindfulness in sport and training