Hopefully this page will answer some of the common questions we are asked about Tri East.

Q: Is Tri East a replacement for my current triathlon club.
A: No Tri East is not a replacement for any triathlon clubs. It’s purpose is to provide additional training and skills that young ahlete require to race a high levels.

Q: Do I have to race for Tri East or in Tri East kit
A: Tri East members can race for which ever club or team they wish. They can also race in Tri East Kit and still race under another club or team. Please remeber when wearing Tri East you are representing the squad and should behave appropriately.

Q: Do I need to be a full member of Tri East to attend training sessions.
A: Only Tri East members and Ipwich High School pupils can attend Tri East training sessions.

Q: Can parents stay during sessions
A: At this time during COVID we cannot allow parents to stay and watch sessions. Parent must drop off and leave site. We will of course review this as soon as possible.