Virtual Race August 2020

Tri East are please to announce our first ever virtual race.

The Race

This is a virtual race that competitors can take part in on any 3 consecutive days in August between the 1st and the 20th. There are race options for a duathlon or triathlon and various distances based upon age. We have also included for team entries and parents. All competitors will receive a medal for taking part.


  • Race to be completed any time between 1st and 20th August 2020
  • Must consist of 3 stages that are competed on consecutive days.
  • Only one stage to be completed on a single day. Distances are longer than normal for age group so must be competed on separate days.
  • Competitors must be able to submit garmin data (or equivalent) to show each stage has been completed.
  • You may enter either the duathlon, triathlon or both, however each race will require a separate entry. Also the same data cannot be submitted for both races.
  • Only one submission of data per race per competitor.
  • The triathlon swim must take place at an official open water venue.
  • We strongly recommend that competitors are accompanied by an adult during race stage for safety.
  • Team entries are a maximum of 4 people with no more than 1 team member from each age group. Stage times will be added together to give team result.
  • Competitors MUST NOT be paced during any stage of their race. Anyone suspected of being paced will be disqualified.
  • The officials decision on any penalties or disqualifications is final.

Submitting of race data

  • When all stages have been completed competitors must submit screen shots of their garmin data (or equivalent).
  • Screenshot MUST include, Competitors name, type of activity, date, distance and time taken. (see example below)
  • Please submit screenshots to

Duathlon Distances

Age Group1st RunBike2nd Run
Tristart (DOB 2012)800m5km600m
Tristar 1 (DOB 2010/111.5km8km1km
Tristar 2 (DOB 2008/9)2km10km1.5km
Tristar 3 (DOB 2006/7)3km15km2km
Youth (DOB 2004/5)5km20km3km
Other (DOB 2003 or older)5km20km3km

Triathlon Distances

Age GroupSwimBikeRun
Tristart (DOB 2012)100m5km800m
Tristar 1 (DOB 2010/11200m8km1.5km
Tristar 2 (DOB 2008/9)300m10km2km
Tristar 3 (DOB 2006/7)400m15km3km
Youth (DOB 2004/5)400m20km5km
Other (DOB 2003 or older)400m20km5km


  • Entry cost per race per competitor is £5 and includes participant medal.
  • Entry cost per team is £4 – each team member must also have an individual race entry.

Entries will open on the 1st July


Tour of Britian Challenge

Tour the UK in teams around the East and the rest of the UK to see who reaches the finish first. The tour takes us around different land marks around the whole of the UK – the challenge will be to virtually cycle around England and Scotland – 1792.6miles/ or 2885km on the bike and around Wales 304.7miles/or 490.3km running or walking. 

We are asking for Clubs, Teams and School groups to get join in our fun starting on May 1st 2020. There are two categories: TSS-TS2 age8-11 with a max of 10 per team & TS2-Youth ages 12-16 with a max of 5 per team

The TEAMS FOR 2020


Here are the rules:

  • An adult must be the team captain – either a parent or club coach/team manager
  • The tour will start at 00:01 on 1st May 2020 and continue until the 1st team has passed the finish mileage/Km.
  • Each day at approx. 4pm Emma will update the leader board and update via email and social media – so please join/follow our Tri East facebook page, Instagram or twitter @trieast2.  Also please feel free to share on your social media and we will try and tag you in ours. 
  • Each team must not exceed a max number of participants in team – TSS-TS2 (8-11yrs) 10 people on team & TS2-Youth (12-16yrs) 5 people on team. 
  •  The team can only substitute a member if an injury occurs and email must be sent from your Team Captain to Emma to inform her of the situation.
  • Team leaders should ensure that no one is over training – this is a fun challenge and should ideally fit in with your regular sessions each week and ideal guide would be that the max amount of hours training each week is the same as your age ie 8yrs = 8hrs a week, 16yrs=16 hours a week.  If we see and excessive amount of training by one individual then a warning will be given and if this is not tailored down then the athlete may be asked to leave the tour. 
  • You can be a member of more than one team if you would like. For example a school team and a club team. 
  • The team that wins will be the 1st to cross the finish line having completed 1792.6miles/ or 2885km on the bike and 304.7miles/or 490.3km running or walking. 
  • When we get nearer the end of the tour if we have a tiebreak situation and a few teams are looking to pass the total number of miles/Km on the same day then we will take the team who has the most mileage past the finish mileage on that day and work backwards – so don’t stop when you hit the correct mileage in case there is a tie.
  • In the event no team passes the finish by 31st May then we will carry on until the 1st team does.