IRC Team Qualification Assessment Event

Results 2021

British Triathlon has announced that the 2021 IRC event will take place on either the 11th or 12th of September. There may also be a team relay event in August and this is likely to take place on a week day. However no date has currently been proposed for this. Both events are planned to take place at Mallory Park as usual. 

As usual we will be selecting a team to represent the East Region at the IRC events. Currently there are no scheduled children’s races in East Region and therefore no local races we can use for IRC’s team qualification. The East Region Junior committee has therefore decided to hold an East Region qualification assessment event. This event will be only open to athletes within the TS2 and TS3 groups  (ages 11-12 & 13-14 ages by 31st Dec 2021) who would like to be considered to be selected for the IRC Squads 2021. Within the IRC National event the athletes will be competing against the top T2 & T3 athletes from across the country. Therefore athletes are expected to have competitive race experience.

The qualification assessment in NOT a standard triathlon race. It will be based upon the same assessment format used for the British Triathlon performance assessment. The athletes will complete a swim time trial for their age group distance. Their time in the swim will seed their start order to complete the bike and run. 

Event date & Venue

 This will be held on Sunday 13th June at Ipswich High School – home of Tri East our Regional Development & Skills Squads. Registration will be from 8:30am and in waves. 

Event Format

Athletes will complete a swim time trial. After a short break the athlete will continue the assessment starting in swim time order. For the second part of the assessment, athletes will line up and enter transition 1 in swim order (Athletes must be bare foot when entering transition 1).  Athletes will then complete the assessment in the following order – 1st transition, off road bike, transition 2, off road run.

Event Format

Distances (these distances are in line with IRC events)

Swim Time Trial

TS3 – 300m

TS2 – 200m

Bike & Run

T3 – Bike 2.5km, Run 1.2km

TS2 – Bike 1.5km, Run 1.2km 

Entry Cost:  £25 (plus day licence fee if not BTF Member)

Entry open:  Saturday 15th May 5pm

Entry Close:  Wednesday 19th May 5pm 

Entry Link:

 Selection policy 2021:  The result of each race (T2 boys, T2 girls etc) will determine the selection order.  The first four who finish the trial in the order will be selected for the team.  In the event that anyone selected is unable to take up their place the next in order will be selected.   There will be an appeals process should anyone need to appeal on the day. This must be submitted in writing within 1hour of the event finish  – this can be done in person or via email to  This will then go to the appeals committee who will be made up of Tim Williams East Region Head Coach, Claire Jenkinson East Region Committee Chair & Lizzy Campbell East Region Manager who will then make the final decision.  The final squad will then be posted on the East region Website & Tri East Website by Friday 18th June if not before.   

If you have any questions regarding the event or if you should be entering then please contact Emma Springham who will endeavour to respond to within 24 hours.